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Progress headlines 2016 - 17:  


Total for all core subjects (English, maths, science and computer science).

Rates of progress across the school have increased significantly during the past two years.  We are proud of our pupils’ rates of progress and we have set an aspirational target of 80% of pupils to achieve their aspirational target by the end of the academic year 2017 – 18.




SSTs results 2017


Most pupils at Elms School have a combination of Social, Emotional, Mental Health and Learning difficulties and needs.  Therefore, they are mostly working below average expectations.  However, five pupils achieved a result in the SATs tests this year.


Exam results 2017


Year 11


67% of pupils in Y11 attained their predicted accreditations in six subjects in 2017, including maths and English.  Four pupils achieved Functional skills level 1 in English and four pupils achieved a GCSE in maths.  All pupils in Year 11 achieved their predicted results in both maths and English, with three pupils exceeding their predicted grade.  All pupils who took Food Preparation and Nutrition achieved a BTEC Level 1.  Four pupils achieved their predicted grade in Art GCSE.  All pupils achieved their targeted grade in science and 88% achieved their target grade in computer science.  Of the total number of exams taken, 95% of results matched or exceeded the teacher’s predictions.  

Further information regarding the school’s performance can be found at the DfE website: